MC Dallas Woods officially declared our new platform launched in Sydney on Friday 23 November. This week the political poet is dropping his powerful new single Hoodlum featuring Jerome Farah.

Rapping from the heart, Dallas is hard hitting with strong lyrics, but his inimitable style softens the blow with cheeky wordplay and a sweet hook. With his lyrical gymnastics and dynamic flow, Dallas is putting his craft to work where it matters. #ourmediamatters

Dallas says "... As a young Aboriginal man who was raised in both worlds I see how stigmas and stereotypes play a big role in how the everyday person perceives another’s ways and beliefs without knowledge, and that in itself breaks innocent people ..."

First Nations media plays an important role in telling our stories, our way. Mainstream media has failed to accurately portray Australia’s history and represent the views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. indigiTUBE provides a platform to add your voice, address issues from our perspectives and connect our culture with the rest of the country.

A living modern midden where technology and culture are woven together, indigiTUBE is creating a strong national presence for our mob. We are so stoked to see all the new content coming in each day. Check it out! #ourmediamatters

Baker Boy, Dallas Woods, Alice Skye and Marlene Cummins joined forces to celebrate indigiTUBE as the next big player entering the digital media arena. Live and electric, Baker Boy took to the stage for a high-octane performance that had everyone out of their seats on a Marryuna (Let’s Dance) high. MC Dallas Woods delivered a live preview performance of his new single release; Hoodlum, and said "indigiTUBE is very important, it’s something that we’ve needed for a long time. Beautiful culture must be preserved". Alice Skye (Wergaia) who recently took out the International Women's Day First Peoples Emerging Artist Award, graced us with her stunning voice and lyrical journey about identity, while Marlene Cummins and her band heated up the night with blues, funk grooves and a good dose of humour.

The indigiTUBE launch was a message of renewal and promise of change, with First Nations culture claiming its rightful place in current Australian society. Harking back to the old ways of corroboree and campfires nourishing sacred land, First Nations culture is alive and strong.

We're super excited for the most recent update of our apps. You can now download content to your device for offline streaming. If you haven't got the app already, download today!
indigiTUBE supports our national media community. Our Media has an historical and proven role in the maintenance of language and culture, self-representation, community development and cultural safety. #indigiTUBE #ourmediamatters

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