First Nations Media Australia (FNMA) Communication on the Referendum and a Voice to Parliament
First Nations Media Australia (FNMA) is the peak body for broadcasting media and communications within the First Nations population. Established in 2003 to represent media serving remote communities, by 2016 FNMA’s membership had broadened so the organisation now has a national role. FNMA brings together First Nations broadcasters and media producers under its mantle – and more than 300,000 First Nations people tune in.

FNMA acts as a catalyst for amplifying the voices, stories, and cultural narratives of First Nations peoples across Australia. Through its membership, FNMA has woven a dynamic web of connections that spans the nation. It is a platform that goes beyond broadcasting – it is also provides a conduit for all First Nations communities’ expression, empowerment, and cultural preservation.

As well, First Nations Media Australia serves a vital bridge that connects the rich tapestry of First Nations’ stories to the broader Australian narrative, facilitating the sharing of experiences, voices and insights that weave together the fabric of our nation. Central to our approach is prioritising First Nations’ voices across different mediums. Our role in facilitating and supporting open and respectful discussions is paramount.

FNMA recognises the significance of the ongoing discussions surrounding a referendum to recognise First Nations independently in the nation’s constitution and to establish a Voice to Parliament representing First Nations peoples. Our organisation has, across its history, amplified First Nations voices advocating for representation, cultural preservation and social justice.

We acknowledge the complexity and significance of the upcoming referendum. We respect the autonomy and agency of each individual and community to express their own views and aspirations. We seek to contribute to the national conversation by providing accurate information, context, and relevant insights on the potential impacts of constitutional recognition and the Voice to Parliament. We are dedicated to playing a role in ensuring that the process is characterised by open dialogue, understanding, and respect for all viewpoints.

Above all, First Nations Media Australia remains steadfast in our mission to empower First Nations voices through media and to ensure recognition of their significance in the ongoing national conversation.
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