Who’s ready for the next installation of First Sounds - bringing recent releases of independent First Nations recording artists to your community radio airwaves?

First Nations Media Australia’s indigiTUBE project and Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA)’s Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) have been at it again, partnering on the First Sounds project - sourcing entries of recently released tracks from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians from across the country for this 8th volume of First Sounds promotional compilation CDs produced through the partnership since the first volume was produced in 2020.

First Sounds Vol.8 is the first of 3 compilations set for release in 2022 and will be distributed to over 200 community radio stations through Amrap’s CD Mailout service and will also be available, along with all tracks from previous volumes, on both the Amrap website and the indigiTUBE website and app.


A panel of four First Nations established musicians and music industry professionals had the difficult task of selecting the tracks that feature on First Sounds Vol.8 from the number of high quality entries we have come to expect from the Nations’ talent.

This round of entries was so hotly contested that a total of 13 tracks have been selected for Vol.8, breaking the existing tradition of First Sounds featuring 12 tracks per release.

Entries for First Sounds Vol.9 will open towards the end of June, so stay tuned.

Mi-kaisha, whose track Brand New is the opening track of First Sounds Vol.8 had this to say about the selection of her track for the album:

“It's always such an honour to be part of projects by our Mob, for our Mob. It just makes me feel so proud of what our communities have built, the empires and the cultures that we are responsible for! I make music for my people and my community and to know that my music will reach more Mob through First Sounds VOL.8 is so exciting to me.”

First Sounds Vol.8 includes tracks featuring 6 First Nations languages and the artists on the compilation together represent over 20 First Nations communities from across the continent.

The 13 tracks of featured on First Sounds Vol.8 spans genres, sharing stories that are personal, social, political and at times spiritual. From the mesmerising stripped back track Wanyarra from Carissa Nyalu sung in Dja Dja Wurrung, through to full band tracks such as Andrew Gurruwiwi Band’s irresistible debut Gatjumak fresh from the Yolŋu Nation and to the pop/hip hop collaboration of Akala Newman and BLACX with Spell on Me. First Sounds Vol.8 has something for everyone.

To date, First Sounds releases have featured over 80 incredible artists with even more, by way of those unselected entrants, also being featured on the Amrap site and indigiTUBE platform.

Below is the First Sounds Volume 8 following which you'll also find links to additional information regarding the release including: album artwork files, artist bios, full track information and artist/track image files.


  1. Mi-kaisha - Brand New
  2. Andrew Gurruwiwi Band - Gatjumak
  3. Carissa Nyalu - Wanyarra
  4. Eju and Gordon Robertson - Battlefield ft. Elijah Williams
  5. Zack Mcleod - Mountains
  6. Akala Newman - Spell on Me ft. BLACX
  7. Jamahl Button - Noonkanbah Im Coming Home
  8. Tamwah - WARRAJAMBA ft. Miya Quaill
  9. Garry Kafoa - Reconciliation
  10. Desert Eagles - Arelh-Alywarra (Alywarra Woman)
  12. Catherine Satour - Radical Seed
  13. Harold Dalywaters - Karu Lungka-Da
Mi-kaisha - Brand New
Track language: English

Written by Mi-kaisha and produced by multi-platinum producer, Taka Perry, "Brand New" is full of soulful melodies and impassioned lyrics. It is spiritual, healing, hard-hitting and unapologetic all at the same time.
Andrew Gurruwiwi Band - Gatjumak
(Yolŋu Nation: Gälpu Clan)
Track language: Yolŋu Matha/Gälpu

"Gatjumak" is a song spawned out of the absolute mayhem of Arnhem Land community festivals. When Andrew Gurruwiwi shouts "Gatjumak‚" it's nothing short of a direct challenge: "Show me your style... Show me what you got...Go for it!"
Carissa Nyalu - Wanyarra
(Yorta Yorta/Dja Dja Wurrung)
Track language: Dja Dja Wurrung

A song for water, sky country and the land.
Eju and Gordon Robertson - Battlefield ft. Elijah Williams
Track Language: Warlpiri

This song focuses on themes around your mind battling with good and bad thoughts and trying to overcome negative thoughts.
Zack Mcleod - Mountains
Track language: English

"Mountains" is about the relationship between us and earth, how we connect through time and love and harness her energy to make us full. The song talks about the use of alcohol and the effects it has on us and our ability to grow.
Akala Newman - Spell on Me ft. BLACX
(Wiradjuri/Gadigal | Bundjalung)
Track language: English

"Spell on Me" is fierce and unapologetic. An anthem of Blak love, straying away from heartbreak, it's about being strong in yourself and what you want. It's moody and vulnerable, also highlighted by the rap segment by Bundjalung man Kyle Shilling aka. BLACX.
Jamahl Button - Noonkanbah Im Coming Home
Track language: English

A song about wanting to get back on country. When everything is becoming a bit much in town, the social pressures start to become a bit much and you crave going home to the land you belong to.
Tamwah - WARRAJAMBA ft. Miya Quaill
(First Nations | Quandamooka Nunukul)
Track language: English/Guwar

"Warrajamba" is a collaboration between Tamwah & her tidda, Miya Quaill, a proud Quandamooka Nunukul woman from Minjerribah. The song speaks of the mermaids known as Warrajamba that live around Minjerribah.

Garry Kafoa - Reconciliation
(Bundjalung Nation: Minjungbal mob)
Track language: English

An Elder who speaks with some younger people about his life and the hope of one day soon having reconciliation. He speaks of how he has seen bad days and how he has seen the good days and how he has seen changes for the better. He speaks of how we have come a long way, but there is a long way to go.

Desert Eagles - Arelh-Alywarra (Alywarra Woman) (Alywarra/Warlpiri)
Track Language: English/Alywarra

Arelh-Alywarra is an explosive party starting anthem written as a celebration of music and dance for the Alywarra nation.

Track Language: English

"Sea" is a dreamy acoustic ballad about escaping the world around you, escaping trauma and unrequited love, to go out and take time to find yourself.

Catherine Satour - Radical Seed
(Pertame/Southern Arrernte/Mirning)
Track Language: English

Truth and Integrity is so rare in Politics it's seen as Radical.

Harold Dalywaters - Karu Lungka-Da
Track Language: Mudburra

Karu Lungka-Da is a passionate rock song from Harold Dalywaters. The message of Karu Lungka-Da is asking parents to stay home and look after their children.



Click here for the full collection of supplied artist images and artwork as well as First Sounds collateral.

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Click here for direct contact details for those First Sounds Vol.8 artists who have agreed to supply them. For interview requests for artists not listed, please reach out to the project media contacts as listed below.


First Sounds is a series of music releases which promote emerging independent First Nations talent, curated by a panel of established First Nations musicians and industry. Developed in partnership in 2020 between the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) and First Nations Media Australia (FNMA), specifically their respective projects the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (AMRAP) and indigiTUBE, First Sounds aims to increase the volume of First Nations music played on community radio across Australia. In total over 70 independent First Nations recording musicians have been featured on releases through the First Sounds partnership.

FNMA is the national peak body for the First Nations media and communications industry, supporting the maintenance of language and culture, self-representation, community development and cultural safety through media practice.. FNMA manage the indigiTUBE platform which showcases content produced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, including music conten and provides curated and technologically appropriate access to First Nations content for audiences all over Australia, including in remote communities.

CBAA is the is Australia’s peak body for community broadcasting, an internationally recognised, not-for-profit organisations supporting over 450 community radio stations across Australia. It runs Amrap which services community radio stations with independent music.

With funding support from the Australia Council, four (4) First Sounds compilations were distributed in the partnership’s first year (2020) drawing an increasing number of music submissions each round. All eligible submissions were featured on indigiTUBE for public and First Nations broadcaster use and on the Amrap website for broader community radio use. In 2021 a further three (3) Volumes of First Sounds were released with another three (3) planned for 2022.

Previous volumes of First Sounds can be found at or at along with other great First Nations content.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.


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