An A-Z re-cap on 2020
It has been a gift to work alongside you in 2020. And what a year it has been. Here's just a few of the standouts for our team - there have been many. Let us walk you through the A to Z of First Nations Media Australia activities in 2020.
A is for Archiving
PAKAM, Umeewarra Media and PAW Media participated in a 6 month trial of the Mukurtu archive platform this year which helped us develop an archiving resources toolkit for all members to step through the archiving process - plan, prepare, catalogue, digitise, share and build.
B is for our Board
This amazing leadership team volunteered their time and expertise to guide us through 2020. Left to right (back row) Tanya Orman, Nelson Conboy, Naomi Moran, Jennifer Howard, (front row) Jen Enosa, Vince Coulthard, Dot West & Tadam Lockyer.
C is for COVID-19 Content
Our members responded to the COVID-19 pandemic through producing some incredible content to keep our communities informed and educated about how to manage the emerging health crisis. We could not be more proud of the way media organisations across the country responded as essential services to keep our mob safe. It was immediate, it was relevant, it addressed misinformation, it resonated and the outcomes demonstrated why our media matters.
D is for digital inclusion
Our inDigiMOB team couldn't visit communities as much this year, but we found new ways of delivering digital literacy tools and advocating for remote telecommunications. In 2020 we moved online more than ever before, and our team of digital mentors and access workers were there to support digital literacy throughout the Northern Territory. We are looking forward to working with our funding partners, Telstra to roll out programs in new areas in 2021.
E is for engagement
F is for First Sounds
4 x volumes
120 artists featured on indigiTUBE
fresh sounds for broadcasters

Expanding to support career development for First Nations artists further in 2021 - more airplay, more tunes, more opportunities. Lookout!
G is for gratitude
We thank the funding partners who have supported us this year: Australian Government through the National Indigenous Australians Agency and the Community Broadcasting Foundation, Telstra, Northern Territory Government, the Aboriginal Benefits Account, ACMA, the Indigenous Languages and Arts Program and the sponsors who are patiently waiting for the return of events in 2021.
H is for helping out
We provided direct support for First Nations media organisations as part of our core business, sometimes working intensely with individual organisations and sometimes providing resources and framework support for organisations to build capacity independently. In 2020 this has included: information on funding and income generation opportunities; recruitment and HR support, particularly for management roles; intensive governance and industrial relations support for individual organisations; updated policy templates (there are 41 organisational policy templates available on our website); advice on resources for staff wellbeing support; individualised member support via phone and email throughout the year; support for licensing applications and renewals and tailored policy support in response to emerging issues; and online networking opportunities.
I is for indigiTUBE
Showcasing content from 230 First Nations contributors and drawing over 70,000 views through the platform.

Plus expanding out to promote our sector with new partnerships such as
curating an Apple Music Playlist and being a feature app.

New channels including Black Lives Matter, Women in Black, Desert Mob, podcasts, live stream events, 26 radio stations streaming.
J is for justice
Right on the back of COVID-19, First Nations media organisations stepped up again to amplify the Black Lives Matter movement - standing together to cover protests and conversations that get our perspectives heard.
K is for Koori Mail
Save the date everyone because our national newspaper will be hosting CONVERGE Lismore 6-8 May 2021 as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations.
L is for leadership
FNMA promotes our sector and leads discussions with government and stakeholders to support our members activities. In 2020 this has included working with the Commonwealth and Northern Territory governments, and with relevant government departments focused on communication, infrastructure, employment and finance. Plus we have formed strong partnerships within the communications industry, the business sector and the not-for-profit sector.  
M is for members
That's who we're here for: remote, regional and urban First Nations media organisation;, individual broadcasters; producers; filmmakers and freelance journalists; partner organisations and supportive friends.  
60 organisations, 162 individuals and growing.
N is for News Narrative
We welcomed Nancia Guivarra and David Liddle to our team to kick off the First Nations news sharing and capacity building project. Training for our
12 community journalists begins in January. Shifting attitudes means changing voices in the media narrative. Watch this space in 2021!
O is for
Our Media Matters
Our media keeps us connected. And this year, our media has shown just how much our media works to keep our communities safe and healthy.
P is for Partnership Agreement on Closing the Gap
July 2020 saw an historic step forward for First Nations communities with the signing of a new National Agreement on Closing the Gap between Australian governments at all levels and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through the Coalition of Peaks.
FNMA is proud to be a member of the Coalition of Peaks, supporting Closing the Gap by empowering our mob to have information needed to make decisions about their own lives, through digital inclusion and culturally relevant media.
Q is for QR code reading apps
Have you checked in? Good thing the inDigiMOB team have been out in communities showing people how to use smartphones ready for this year.
R is for roundtables
FNMA has participated in the NIAA Roundtable process to and the Community Broadcasting Sector Roundtable meetings. Collaborating with our sister sectors and our funding supporters.
S is for submissions
8 x submissions talking up for the sector about employment opportunities, the Mandatory Bargaining Code for digital news media, the ACMA's consultation processes on spectrum planning and digital radio expansion, telecommunications community safeguards, media diversity and our sector budget submission. All submissions can be viewed on our website here.
T is for TSIMA
Torres Strait Islander Media Association (TSIMA) celebrated 35 amazing years broadcasting from paradise this year. Watch their birthday video here.  Congratulations TSIMA!
U is for unmute
Can you hear me?
V is for values
Culture & language. Respect. Innovation. Collaboration. Equity & inclusion.
They're the guiding values outlined in our strategic plan that helped steer us through 2020.  
W is for webinars
14 x webinars on topics such as financial management, mental health support, archiving, training and industry development. Guest speakers from Bureau of Meteorology, MEAA, ORIC, APRA, the Google News Initiative, ABC and more. Recordings available on our website and Vimeo channel.
X is for xoompin
True word!
Meaning: driving or going over bumps. We've run into a few rough patches on our travels this year, but we've kept driving! Especially to get to communities in the Northern Territory.
Y is for Yuendumu
We were proud to support PAW Media to live stream the memorial concert for Kuminjayi Walker, standing with Yuendumu community.
Z is for zoom
Zooming here, zooming there, zooming into each others houses, backyards, sheds and studios.
Our office will be closed from Monday 21st December to 1st January.

From our team to yours, we wish you all a very happy holiday break.

We look forward to working with you in 2021.
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PO Box 2731 Alice Springs NT 0871
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