Hi to all the FNMA Members.

It’s now a few weeks after the results of the Federal Election and as you are well aware we have a new Government for the next few years.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, FNMA had met with both major parties and discussed and updated them on FNMA plans and aspirations for the future. Those meetings were very promising and as the new Government settles into deciding on a new Cabinet and getting down to business. FNMA will work closely with them to ensure we put forward the needs of the sector. Discussions are underway with the relevant Departments and Ministers including the current Minister for Communications The Hon. Michelle Rowland.

CONVERGE will take place in Alice Springs from 23-25 November and FNMA has brought on a new staff member Peta-Lee Cole Manolis as the Event Coordinator putting this event together. FNMA Is hoping we can put on a great event for you all.

The FNMA AGM for 2021 is happening at the end of June on the 23rd and the notices have gone out to all members. This will be held online, and FNMA hopes many of you can be in attendance and get nominations in for Board Directors.

In other staffing news, Lauren Hill has come onboard as the new Communications Officer and has a wealth of Knowledge and expertise to offer FNMA. Lauren is based in Adelaide and will work remotely from there. Once she is settled into her role she will come to Alice Springs and meet the team there.

Covid-19 is still proving to be a challenge for everyone but I am sure if we abide by the social distancing rules and the health regulations. Lets keep our communities safe and hopefully the pandemic will be over in the short term future.

Stay safe and let's get ready for the new financial year.

Dennis Stokes

Annual General Meeting
FNMA AGM will be held on 23 June commencing at 2pm (CST) it will be held online. Please register so documents for the AGM can be sent to you. Read More.

For more information, please contact Assistant Manager Jennifer Nixon.
Warlpiri Education Triangle in Yuendumu
The Warlpiri Triangle is a bilingual education network focusing on teaching in, and learning of, Warlpiri language in schools throughout the region. Three First Nations Media Australia (FNMA) projects headed out to Yuendumu after being invited to present at the Warlpiri Education Triangle meeting held at Yuendumu School during the last week of May.

Donna from indigiTUBE, presented first and explained how indigiTUBE is a media platform by and for First Nations people. She also, invited the educators and community members to think about what types of content they can find on indigiTUBE for their students and themselves, what types of content they might want to find on indigiTUBE and what types of content they might be able to create to share through the platform with each other and more widely.

Ben and Jack from
inDigiMOB highlighted how inDigiMOB is about improving digital inclusion for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The inDigiMOB team improves digital literacy through workshops and training; supports connectivity solutions; provides technical advice; and can help First Nations organisations to develop appropriate and relevant learning tools.

Steve from the FNMA Archiving Project showed how FNMA can help to digitise old media items, such as VHS and audio cassettes, that haven’t been accessed because the equipment to play them is no longer available. Any media on tape needs to be digitised before it deteriorates further and sadly could be lost forever. The Archiving Project and indigiTUBE folks also visited Yuendumu’s Bi-lingual Resource Development Unit (BRDU), which has been creating Warlpiri language content since 1974, to discuss opportunities for support and collaboration.

FNMA is always eager to promote and facilitate projects and programs to support First Nations communities with their media issues and needs. The FNMA Archiving Project, inDigiMOB and indigiTUBE teams are available to present online/webinars to interested First Nations media organisations and community groups. To get in contact for more information,
click here.
Presented here is a small selection of some of their work
FNMA News Initiative Journalist Training
The First Nations Media Australia News Initiative is continuing to train First Nations journalists from media organisations around the country.

Our second gathering of community reporters have been training for a couple of weeks now, starting off with photography and photo-journalism. They’ve taken some stunning photos over the last couple of weeks as part of their photography training.

Training will continue until October, covering news gathering and journalism in all media forms – photography, video, audio, print…as well as lessons on podcasting using Google products for research.
Our 2022 Community Reporters are:
  • Damien Williams – ICTV, Alice Springs
  • Jillian Mundy – Freelance, Tasmania
  • Jillian Bowie, TSIMA, Thursday Island   
  • Lorena Walker – 3KnD, Melbourne
  • Scotty Day – Waringarri Media, Kununurra
  • Jodii Geddes – 3KnD, Melbourne
  • Patrick McKenzie – SaltwaterBird Productions, Darwin
  • Phillip Saunders – Nunga Wangga, Adelaide
First Sounds VOL.8
First Sounds Vol.8 is the first of 3 compilations set for release in 2022 and will be distributed to over 200 community radio stations through Amrap’s CD Mailout service and will also be available, along with all tracks from previous volumes, on both the Amrap website and the indigiTUBE website and app

Community broadcasters can also receive physical copies of the album from Amrap's CD mailout.

We encourage all our broadcaster partners and friends to check out the album and share the music with your audiences. We are certain they would love to hear it! And it's a great opportunity to promote First Nations artists. To listen to album, click here.

inDigiMOB on eSafety  
The inDigiMOB team collaborates with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities, and organisations to build skills and knowledge in using digital technologies, safety, creatively and with purpose.

inDigiMOB are also working on a focused set of engagements around online safety for our regional and remote communities. We assist by providing information and tools to aid in working through online abuse, scams, or misuse of information issues.

The team, Chantal from Darwin and Wayne from Geraldton recently visited Port Hedland to discuss online safety issues with local community groups. They found that sharing of some images has caused dangerous, real life conflict, as has sharing posts of people fighting. They also found that Facebook abuse is a common issue being raised in many places.

The team aim to return to each of the communities they engage with to discuss local solutions and provide tailored information and workshops that may assist with these issues. inDigiMOB’s online safety project is supported by the eSafety Commissioner and, of course, First Nations Media Australia.
Welcome Lauren Hill!
Lauren Hill is a proud Aboriginal Noongar women from Western Australia, although grew up and lives in Adelaide, South Australia on Kaurna Country.

Lauren is well connected in the Indigenous communities with extensive knowledge and understanding working throughout SA and QLD over the past 15 plus years.

Lauren’s career background has been mainly across Aboriginal health, working in Aboriginal Medical Services in SA and QLD, qualifications in Narrative therapy, Training and Assessment, Mentoring and Aboriginal Primary Health Care.

Lauren has taken on the role of the Communications Officer for FNMA and has experience and knowledge working within communications, marketing and health promotion in her years and is looking forward working with First Nations Media Australia.
Member Highlights
Farewell to the late Mr. Roberts
On Monday the 25th of April, NG media along with community members of the Ngaanyatjarra lands farewelled Mantantja Roberts one of the Cofounders of NG media. Approximately 300 people attended the funeral service, including former managers of NG media and many anangu elders who came far and wide for the funeral.

Noeli Mantjantja Roberts was the co-founder of Ngaanyatjarra Media (beginning in 1992 as Irrunytju Media), a film-maker and strong cultural leader. Mantjantja was a well known and respected media worker on the Ngaanyatjarra lands and played a major role in the direction and coordination of the media organisation. He sadly, passed away at Wanarn Aged Care on 9th December 2021 at age 75. Read More.
Female Yolgnu Radio Commentator Creates History
THE AFL has announced that the Round 11 Toyota AFL Premiership match between the Gold Coast SUNS and Hawthorn is broadcasted in traditional Yolngu Matha language by a female commentator for the first time. Read More.
Noongar Radio Forum
Noongar Radio was proud to host the election forum focused on First Nations affairs on Aboriginal radio in Western Australia. The forum discussed issues from housing, business, heritage and the environment and was heard by thousands on First Nations radio stations in all corners of Western Australia. Read More.
Industry News
The Remarkable True Story of the First Aboriginal Filmmaker
Documentary film ABLAZE, which follows the remarkable true story of the first Aboriginal filmmaker Bill Onus, will release to select Australian cinemas on May 26, ahead of National Reconciliation Week which runs from Friday, May 27 to June 3. Read More.
Bureau app upgrades to help communities better prepare for severe weather events
The Bureau of Meteorology has introduced push notifications on its BOM Weather app to provide more targeted advice to communities during severe weather. Read More.
National Agreement on Closing the Gap
This National Reconciliation Week, Australians are challenged to be brave and make change. Members of the Coalition of Peaks have been doing change-making work in and for their communities for more than 50 years. Read More.
ACMA launches apparatus licence fee calculator
The launch of the ACMA apparatus licence fee calculator has just made the process of applying for a licence to operate a radio frequency transmitter or receiver a whole lot easier. Read More.
Young Adult Reconciliation Network (YARN) Opportunity
The role of YARN is to provide an opportunity for First Nations young people to provide advice to Canteen’s Reconciliation Action plan (RAP) Working Group to assist in the creation of Canteen’s RAP and its deliverables, in ways that work towards culturally safe, decolonised practices. Read More.
Centralised Immersive Storytelling Lab 2022 - Applications Now Open
First Nations screen creatives in South Australia and the Northern Territory will have the opportunity to learn new skills in immersive storytelling as part of a new workshop launched under the Centralised cross-state initiative. For more information and to apply, click here.
Name a puppy for Seeing Eye Dogs in NAIDOC Week
Vision Australia's Seeing Eye Dogs are connected to their blind or low vision handlers in helping them lead the life they choose, right around the country. For NAIDOC Week, Vision Australia is honouring connection to country by inviting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to suggest a puppy name.

Names should be one or two syllables and supported with an explanation of how it connects to country or honours an Indigenous person.For example, in 2021, 'Elsie' (pictured) honoured a grandmother, a bush woman who had loved to ride horses as a kindred spirit with nature and animals.

Puppy names will be considered by a panel including First Nations representatives and announced during NAIDOC Week, July 3 to 10. To be considered, please email your suggested puppy name with short explanation by Thursday, June 30 here.
Attendance grants for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women leaders renewed by Women & Leadership Australia
For the fifth consecutive year, Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) has renewed a series of attendance grants to support the leadership development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women across Australia, valued at over $60,000. Read More.
Judith Neilson Institute Grant Opportunities 2022
JNI’s Grants provide journalists and media organisations with the resources they need to produce quality journalism. For more information or to find out how to apply, click here.
Positions Available
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