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In a particularly challenging year, First Sounds has proven a success in underrepresented aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, strengthening our voices in the wider music and media landscape.

FIRST SOUNDS VOL.4, our last release for the year, features 12 selected artists from the Central Coast to Perth, Fitzroy Melbourne to North East Arnhem Land, and Yuendumu in the Central Desert. FIRST SOUNDS VOL.4 carves the way with alt/hip-hop, R&B, new wave, 90’s nostalgic pop and indie alt-rock, threaded with traditional songlines and eclectic funk reggae.

Electronic pop indie singer-songwriter Tessa Thames’ unleashes her track 50K Carat on FIRST SOUNDS VOL.4, and it is already making the chart rounds:

"I'm wholeheartedly honoured to be even mentioned amongst the list of super talented artists on the next volume of 'First Sounds', let alone have my song be involved. Everybody brings their own unique energy to the art they create. The energy they have cultivated on their own and that of their ancestors and this comes through in so many ways and this is what I love so much about First Nations music. So much talent and still so much more to come. Ultimately I hope what I bring to the table is joy."

Singer-songwriter Alice Skye, a previous Triple J Unearthed National Indigenous winner formed part of the selection panel for FIRST SOUNDS VOL.4:

“I came up through a similar project with CAAMA’s Alukura Song competition, so it was special for me to be on the other side - having the chance to listen to all the songs was a beautiful reminder that we are so diverse, deadly and driven. I can’t wait to see what sis Tessa does!”

The First Sounds series is distributed to over 250 community radio stations on CD, and to broadcasters eager to present awesome new music to devoted audiences. To date, First Sounds has featured nearly 120 First Nations artists!

FIRST SOUNDS VOL.4 is a continuation of the partnership between Community Broadcasting Association of Australia and First Nations Media Australia, delivering more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music to community radio.

New music for your shows! Broadcasters can use their indigiTUBE account to download First Sounds VOL.4 for airplay. If you're unsure how to access it, check our Broadcasters Instructional Video. If you need a hand, contact CD copies are also available through Amrap.
01• One Voice • Garrangali Band
02• 50k Carat •Tessa Thames
03• Pizza Tray • Jeffrey James Black
04• Fire (Acoustic) • Key Hoo
05• Talkback Radio • Rachael Lia
06• Warlalja • Blackstorm
07• Migraine Mentality • Balairi
08• Employee of the Month • The Magpie Swoop
09• What you Want • Wykiirra
10• Memories • Zero Emcee
11• Rdaku • Yurrampi South Band
12. Jukurrpa • DB40



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